Friday, February 24, 2012

We all know that photographs can lie, but what about half-truths?

Somewhere between the public face and the private, lies a translucent presence neither transparent nor opaque. Neither entirely true nor completely false. Much like contemporary social media.

Photographs have been a social media for over one hundred and fifty years. Over the period, contemplation of the mundane has revealed great depth of meaning and beauty.

I see photographic translucence not as a diaphanous form but as partially resolved meaning.The photograph may be sharp but is sited between the private and the public. Each of us brings to the image our own perception.

My personal photography transverses this social translucent landscape - revealing only clues to the true state of the material and the personal. With the exhibition as a catalyst, over the past month I have explored the personal spaces of my family, letting their domestic landscapes reveal something of their lives.

Tony Kellaway

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