These are the people who are participating in Translucent Landscapes.

Margaret is a painter, awarded the Antarctic Fellowship in 1998. She has returned to the Antarctic several times since then. The stark and minimal forms of the Antarctic have a profound influence on her work, saying “The ice reflects back what you take to it, focussing, intensifying echoing.”

Iain Gordon
Iain is a composer and mandolin player.He is composing work for mandolin, violin and guitar inspired by the hexagonal structure of ice.

Katherine Joyce-Kellaway
Katherine uses trans-media in her practice, with video as a central media which she uses to explore sensory behaviour and its influence on our perceptions of reality. Her current work is focused on how fragmented sensory stimulation can translate into embodied knowledge, producing a deluded reality. The works aspires to generate visceral, bodily and immersive experience for the viewer.
Katherine is currently completing a Masters of Fine Art at Massey University in 2012, where she is also tutoring.

Tony Kellaway

Tony Kellaway has been a photographer concerned with the built environment for over thirty years. 
Tony has undertaken a number of significant projects over his career including a survey of disappearing New Zealand cinema’s in the 1980’s. This was supported by a major Arts Council of New Zealand (CNZ) grant. He has received major commissions to record significant New Zealand sites such as Parliamentary buildings, Wellington, Old Government buildings, Wellington and the recently restored Old Supreme Court, Wellington. These bodies of work recorded and interpreted the transformation of these sites.
Tony is well known for his definitive guide to the ‘Old Buildings of Wellington’ VUW Press, 1995, collaboration with David Kernohan, Professor of Architecture at the School of Architecture at Victoria University.
His work is held in a number of major collections such as Te Papa and the National Library of New Zealand. His work is also in private collections both in New Zealand and Europe.

Poppy Lekner

Fine Arts graduate, art and photography teacher and mum to of Isla and Romy (3 and 1). Poppy works across disciplines including: photography, video, and sculpture. Her work Feature-less (a participative video work) premiered in the Fringe Festival 2012.
Her works in Translucent Landscapes: 
Lightness of Being considers the passing of a relative and attempts at accessing the departed from the artifacts left behind.

The series After You Left explores intimacy and the body as a site of filtered contact.

Doris Lindstrom
Doris has worked as an art teacher at Chilton St James and prior to that as a commercial artist for Kircaldies and Stains

Mary McCallum is a poet and novelist. She won the inaugural Caselberg Trust Poetry Prize in 2011, and the Montana awards for best first book of fiction and readers' choice in 2008. She blogs at O Audacious Book and is the curator of the Tuesday Poem blog. curating the exhibition.
I have an interest in landscape systems and my art is largely based on exploring these systems. I also teach at the Landscape Architecture program at Victoria University.
I will be working on clouds for this exhibition; beautiful results of complex interactions.

Molly Samsell
Molly will be creating a site specific work for Translucent Landscapes. Molly was a finalist in the latest Wallace Awards. Molly has degrees in photography and astrophysics as well as a Master of Fine Arts.

Mike Ting
Mike Ting is a Wellington based fine arts graduate interested in social change and philosophy, particularly ideas around the emotions and motivation, romanticism and the ridiculous. He is also a PhD candidate at the European Graduate School in Switzerland.

Nathan Young

Nathan is a talented and creative Landscape Architect, working at Isthmus. See his work at Workroom.