Thursday, February 2, 2012

Layering Clouds

Helen Reynolds 2012

Moist air rises up to meet a layer of cool air - a cloud condendses.. Layers of air swirl above us and clouds mark the movement, a different shape for each layer.
Here in Wellington the hills constrict the sky. The motorway is one of the best places to see as many clouds as you can, see them rising drifting on the currents. In particular the motorway's raised fly-overs. But I have found that getting absorbed by the clouds when driving is almost as dangerous as texting while driving and I have had to give it up.
I am cutting layers of paper to make clouds for the exhibition, tracking the expansion, drifting and dissipation of clouds in each layer.
I come out of the studio, absorbed again, and ask my daughter if she can hang the clouds out on the line to dry. She looks puzzled, but decides to get the laundry out instead.

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