Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Katherine Joyce Kellaway:

My immediate thoughts on ‘Translucent Landscapes’ when Helen invited me to participate where to reflect on a research trip at the beginning of the year to Lake Grassmere, near Blenheim, in the South Island. We we’re fortunate enough to have a very enthusiastic and interested guide and be there in the midst of the annual salt harvest. The title’ Translucent Landscapes’ suggest the visual, bodily and sound scapes that we experienced on that trip and it certainly resonates with the theme and the video and photographic information gathered will possibly appear in processes.

These have little substance just my current ponderings on the theme, are a discourse on our senses as a landscape, as in ‘an extensive mental view; an interior prospect’ (answers.com). I am waiting from Australia Paul Rodaway book called Sensuous Geographies, Body, Sense and Place, a theoretical survey into the subject. And I am enjoying the possibilities of the play between the Oxford Dictionaries’ definition of translucent as in ‘permitting light to pass through but diffusing it so that persons, or objects on the opposite side are not clearly visible and then ‘clear; transparent as in translucent seawater.’ Play is the best step forward.

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