Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Pop Up

An article on how to pop up an exhibition

An excerpt from Frieze

"What resources do you need to start up a contemporary art gallery in London? You must have inexhaustible reserves of energy, a large helping of missionary zeal, and a healthy dose of chutzpah. A network of friends willing to help out on a voluntary basis probably helps. Surprisingly, though, you don’t need much money.

These are the consistent responses from a disparate group of young gallerists and emerging dealers currently active in London. All have benefited in one way or another from a decline in property values, which has meant that some spectacular venues have been available that would normally have been redeveloped or occupied by commercial operators.

The minimum budget required to put on a show, according to curator and organiser Katie Guggenheim, is zero—provided you can beg, steal or borrow a space. Guggenheim—a former art student who changed her name by deed-poll as an on-going work of art—has two shows on during Frieze week, both in artist-run spaces she has for free"

From Frieze daily edition, 17 Oct 09

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